4 Reasons I Drink Tea (and why you should too)

I love tea! It all started when I was young. My friend’s family is British and therefore drinks tea…a lot. I would go over to her house and in their amazing British accents would ask if I wanted tea. Of course I did! They made it with milk and a little bit of sugar and it was amazing. Flash forward 20 years and I have cut the milk and sugar but am still drinking tea like I was born to be British.

So why do I drink tea?

1. It tastes good


I don’t understand how people say they ‘don’t like tea.’ There are a million kinds of tea. How can you not like tea? There is black tea, green tea, oolong, white, herbal, flavored – you name it.

I find a lot of people that don’t like black or green tea probably brew it too strong. If you find the flavor too intense, don’t use straight boiling water (let it cool a bit), and don’t let it brew for longer than a minute or two. Also, try different kinds! Don’t like black? Ok, try green or white (white is VERY mild) or herbal or flavored. But don’t tell me you don’t like tea. Just don’t.

2. It has a little bit of caffeine, without too much


So yes, there are herbal kinds that are naturally caffeine-free. But talking about green and black tea here, they have a little bit of caffeine for a nice little brain boost – but not so much I’m shaking and twitching.

I used to work in an art gallery. I had to work in low lighting (the paintings looked better) and I worked by myself, so as you can imagine when it was slow I did everything to stay awake. So one time I went to Gloria Jeans coffee and got their biggest whipped, iced, caramely-goodness coffee they had. I slurped the whole thing down and THEN realized how much caffeine was in the whole thing. Well sure enough, a woman came in wanting to buy a painting for her dad. So I helped her find one and was trying to write the receipt (it was a super high-tech gallery, we hand-wrote receipts) but my hand was shaking so bad I could hardly write it! She saw my shaking and was like “are you alright?!?” All I could do was apologize and blame Gloria Jeans. Never again.

So don’t get the shakes from too much coffee, drink some tea!

3. Tea may help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases


So tea prevents almost everything. Depending on which disease, some research may show green tea is better or black tea is better. Either way – tea is good for you. This study is a nice review of current literature regarding tea and chronic diseases – and the full text is free too!

4. Tea can help your skin


Tea can help your skin – say whaaat? You may see green tea extract being used in a lot of skincare (a quick search of my blog for “green tea” will help you find specific products). Well, it turns out green tea extract actually DOES help prevent the harmful effects of UV rays! I absolutely do not promote only using a product with green tea extract and no sunscreen, but it’s pretty cool that topical green tea does help. This study is one of many that showed a benefit.

I couldn’t find research about drinking green tea helping with sun rays, only applying it topically. But I still like to think to myself every time I have a cup of tea, I’m helping my skin….somehow.  With skin cancer running in my family, I want all the help I can get!

So these are the top reasons I drink tea!

And I drink all sorts of tea: black, green, herbal – you name it. Some of my favorite brands include Yogi Tea, Bigelow, Revolution Tea and even plain ol’ Lipton.

What are your favorite kinds of tea??

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