Clear Sinuses and Soothed Back

So you are probably thinking – what in the world do sinuses and back pain have in common? Well, I will tell you: Farmaesthetics. Their Vapor Bath Elixir and Deep Lavender Rub have been SO nice on my back. And, recently I have started getting a little bit of congestion and they helped with that too!

So let’s with the bath elixir


The Vapor Bath Elixir is described as “A chlorophyll-infused preparation, this product will also soften, purify & deodorize the skin, while vaporous essential oils release to relieve even tight or achy muscles. A deep herbal soak to restore strength to the entire system.”

I have used this a few times now as a bath soak at night to help my back (I injured it in December, have been on the mend since) and it has been SO nice. The smell is of eucalyptus and lavender with a menthol-y kick. It is more ‘real’ smelling though than something like VICKS, which smells overly menthol-y to me.

Well, a few tablespoons of the bath elixir with a handful of Epsom salt and my back feels so great afterward.

After the bath, I have been taking the Deep Lavender Rub and massaging some of the ointment into my lower back. Not only does it smell amazing (the freshest lavender smell possible), but it is so soothing and even a little warming (but not crazy so like Bengay).


The lavender rub is described as “a deeply comforting chest & neck rub that utilizes the heat-producing essential oils of ginger, rosemary & eucalyptus to relax & release upper respiratory tightness due to colds, allergies, stress or asthma. An excellent lineament for stiff or strained muscles due to over-exertion or inactivity.” I find this to be very true.

This has been my ritual with my back: lots of baths and lots of lavender rub massages. These two products have been so soothing and helpful, I love them.

On the flip side, both of these products also claim to help sinuses and congestion. Well, I have been lucky so far this winter in not being sick but just the past few days I have found myself a little congested in the morning. So I thought – well this works out because I can try these products for that now too!

I saw on the Bath Elixir description that it can be used as a vapour tent, so that is exactly what I did. Yesterday morning, I boiled some water in a pot and once it was boiling, I removed it from the stove and placed the pot in the sink, poured in a little bit of the elixir and leaned over with a wet towel over my head to breathe in the herbaly goodness. (Note: never ever put your face over actively boiling water, the steam will burn your skin badly)

I sat with my face over the pot for a few minutes and I was amazed how well and quickly it opened up my nose. After just 5 minutes or so, I felt my sinuses open up and they felt less dry, so I blew my nose and voila! Clear nose for the rest of the day. And, I still have a clear nose today! I will take 5 minutes of an all-natural steam tent over some decongestant medicine with its crazy side effects any day.

After the steam tent, I didn’t even have to use the lavender rub (although I will admit I rubbed it on my wrists just so I could breathe it in from time to time). With the warming action of the lavender rub though, I could see how one could use it with chest congestion and tightness.

The lavender rub has such a lovely fragrance, I’ve been using  it as a perfume and hand/cuticle cream!

Now for my favorite part, the ingredients!

Vapour Bath Elixir: chlorophyll (alfalfa); menthol, clove, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium & white camphor essential oils; aclyglutamate (derived from sugarcane); witch hazel & vegetable glycerin.

Deep Lavender Rub: Ingredients: sweet almond oil*; lavender*, ginger*, eucalyptus* & rosemary* essential oils; beeswax*; vitamin e; & peppermint essential oil/menthol. (*certified organic ingredients)

So as you can see, they mean it when they say 100% natural. I love how the deep lavender rub is also mostly organic!

Overall – I really love these two products. Farmaesthetics has helped my back, my sinuses, and both products smell lovely. This winter (or for any injury or cold/flu), I can’t recommend these enough.

Have you used Farmaesthetics before? What do you think?


Disclosure: Samples were provided to me by Farmaesthetics. Opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own! I was not financially compensated for writing this post.

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