Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Try Daily Intentions

New Year’s resolutions are so 2016. I’m not sure when I first learned about daily intentions, but I’m glad I did. New Year’s Resolutions are so lofty, and often don’t last much longer than the first few weeks of the year. I’m not saying that making goals is a bad thing. It’s a good idea to make goals and stick to them, and strive to improve ourselves. But ideas like “eat healthier” don’t always work. What if you are having a really crummy day and what you really need is a cupcake, a glass of wine and a bath to feel better? Feeling guilty for not sticking to your resolution of “eat healthier” is certainly not going to make you feel better.

Daily intentions solve this because they allow you to make small goals or inspirations based on where you are at the moment. A daily intention can be a goal, like go for a run that evening, but I prefer to think of an uplifting word or phrase to be my driving force that day.

It gives me the space to reflect on where I’m at, how I’m feeling, and what I want my ‘theme’ for the day to be, so to speak.

If I know it’s going to be a stressful day, then my daily intention might be “be gentle with myself and others.” If I know that I have a lot to do and not a lot of motivation to do it, then my intention might be as simple as the word “proactive.” That’s the beauty of daily intentions – it’s what you make of it.

Another nice thing about daily intentions is that it forces you to slow down and reflect. How often do you feel rushed in the morning? It’s such a lousy way to start the day. Taking even 60 seconds over a cup of tea to set your daily intention is a much better way to start your day. You can write it down, or just reflect on it. I like to think of mine in the morning when I’m getting ready. It probably has slowed me down by a few minutes, since my mind is actively thinking while also getting ready, but it also has calmed my morning down considerably and I find myself much less stressed in the morning.

Have you tried daily intentions? What do you think about the idea?

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